Discount Healthcare Card and Discount Prescription

24/7 Doctor Access with Teladoc ... and Big Savings on Dental, Vision Care and Prescriptions

Our discount health care card benefits are affordable and can be used across the US. Available to anyone with no approval process.

Big health care cost savings for you and your dependents for just $24.95/month

One-time application fee of $3.95
Everyone is accepted
You can use the card as soon as you receive it
 No usage limits
Nationwide network of dentists, pharmacies, and health service providers

discount medical card

Supplement your healthcare coverage with a Discount Health Care Card for just $24.00/month per employee

Supplement limited dental with NO LIMIT dental discounts
 Provide your employees with savings on medical costs
Potentially reduce future healthcare insurance costs
Minimum group size of three (3) people

discount medical card

Customer Testimonials

I just went to the dentist to get a chipped tooth repaired and found out that I had 6 other small cavities. The good news is that I saved over $400 versus what I would have paid without my discount healthcare card. I saved enough in the first 60 days to pay for my card for the year!
My daughter suffered from pharyngitis similar to laryngitis. My husband took her prescription to Walgreens and the prescription was over $50 without the card but, with the card, we paid under $32!

Discount Medical Card

A discount health care card that your immediate family can use and every family can afford. Your family can get discounts on all the benefits below, from vision to dental to doctor visits by phone and prescriptions. Check out the list of discounts on medical benefits below and how you can be saving hundreds of dollars!

All of these discounts for a one-time application fee of $3.95 and only $24.95/month

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Dental Care from Aetna Dental Access®
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Vision Care from Coast to Coast Vision™
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Discount Pharmacy Program
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Physician Visit
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Hearing Aids
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Durable Medical Equipment
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Diabetes Management
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